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Kik, an HTML5 platform--

The mad scramble to be the next mobile gaming platform is under way | PandoDaily: " . . . . Kik, which, without much fanfare, has launched an HTML5 platform that does behave like an actual platform and brings gaming into the real-time messaging experience. Last week, Zynga quietly launched a game on Kik’s platform, believed to be its first game built for any of the mobile chat apps. (Ironically, Kik’s platform bears some resemblance to Facebook’s much-anticipated, but never actually realized, Project Spartan, which was to be an HTML5 platform for app distribution.) In Kik, games can be shared and played from within the messaging experience, negating the need to download an app to your phone, as required by all the other messengers. “What’s important for a game studio looking forward on mobile is to be able to produce content that’s very portable and flexible,” says Vincent Obermeier, president of New York-based game-development company TreSensa, an early partner for Kik’s platform. “HTML5 game content is just that.” By building in HTML5, the likes of TreSensa, Zynga, and other mobile game developers can break out of the borders of the App Store and Google Play, to which they have until now been beholden. . . ." (read more at link above)